Residents devastated by complex fire

More than 14 people were left devastated yesterday when a fire which started after midnight gutted two units at Furstenburg Terrace.

The fire affected four units at the Nahoon complex and left residents homeless for the night after attempting to douse the fire themselves before Buffalo City Metro firefighters arrived at the scene.

NOW WHAT: Roommates, who woke up in terror to a fire blazing through their flat, are scouring through their belongings Picture: MICHAEL PINYANA

The blaze, which started in an upstairs apartment, gutted both units on the second floor within minutes, leaving the two bottom units water damaged with exposed cracks on the ceilings.

Tanita Lunn, 26, who had been living at the complex since January, said she woke up to a loud sound.

“I heard a loud bang and screams from next door and then I saw the flames approaching our balcony.

“I started screaming at my roommates to wake up and get out of the house.

“Everything happened so fast. Within five minutes it spread and gutted both apartments,” Lunn said.

Still in shock Lunn, who shares her flat with three friends, added that she “kicked into survival mode” and called the fire department.

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