Call for ANC Old Guard to pass baton to youth

The ANC Youth League in the Eastern Cape will advocate for the reviewal of the “retirement age” within ANC structures, saying it was time the party’s Old Guard passes the baton to the youth.

The league’s provincial secretary Butsha Lali today said during the league’s next national conference, they will push for a review of the “retirement age” for people to be deployed in leadership positions and in government posts.

ANCYL Eastern Cape chairman Nathi Nqoko and secretary Butsha Lali
ANCYL Eastern Cape chairman Nathi Nqoko and secretary Butsha Lali

Lali said it was time of youth to take centre-stage in leading the ANC, calling for “the retirement age for deployment”, to be reconsidered so that it be on par with the 60 to 65 years old-age bracket for old-age retirement.

“In terms of leadership renewal, it is time that young people find expression with regards to leadership of the ANC.

“This is critical in addressing the issue of legacy, so that we take upon ourselves to determine our future, because currently, structures do not represent the aspirations of young people,” said Lali.

Speaking after the party’s provincial executive committee meeting in King William’s Town, Lali added that, “the retirement age in South Africa is 60 for females and 65 for males, but we see people getting deployed, even in government, while they are way above that. While things are becoming younger, it is not the case in the ANC, and that needs to change”.