Suspension letters handed to BCM ‘rebel’ councillors

There was tension at a councillor workshop in Buffalo City as letters of suspension were dished out this morning to the 21 “rebels” who defied their party order over the appointment of a municipal manager.

ANC caucus leader Mzwandile Vaaibom

ANC caucus leader Mzwandile Vaaibom confirmed today that he received letters from the ANCs provincial headquarters on Wednesday afternoon, and started distributing them immediately.

“I was busy distributing the rest as all councillors are attending a workshop here at the Regent [Hotel].

“Most of the letters have been issued to the affected councillors, with two or three of them still with me. That I have done as quickly as possible to ensure that people are able to prepare for the hearing to be held on March 26,” said Vaaibom.

The 21 BCM councillors were positively identified during a meeting three weeks ago between Dr WB Rubusana regional leaders and ANC provincial top five officials, after they were found to have defied party orders by voting against the ANC position in Council last month.