I never wanted to be president – Zuma

President Jacob Zuma says he never wanted to be president but a mere briefcase carrier for leaders.


This he told delegates at the Amathole ANC regional conference held in Mpekweni Resort near Port Alfred last night.

Zuma said all he ever wanted was to be in the background and assist leaders with “minor duties” such as carrying their briefcases.

“I did not want to be president because I knew all these difficulties (that come with the job),” said Zuma.

“I thought being in the background and assisting leaders by carrying their briefcases, their jackets and the like it would be just fine than to lead because to lead is a difficulty – because you are faced with decisions to take.”

Zuma said the presidency was more difficult for him because he had an understanding of the “global balance of forces” that are stalling the development of Africa.

“If you have this knowledge, it becomes even more difficult because you can take decisions that you cannot explain to anyone – because if you explain – it could impact very negatively (on) the organisation itself,” said Zuma who launched a scathing attack against the West.


  1. Fine then why don’t you shove off and people who want to lead can take your place. In case you hadn’t noticed your time is up and only ignorant people still want you.

  2. Have 2 disagree with u on this 1 uncle Dennis.Truth be told WMC under Zuma ANC has advanced 10 fold.It going to be virtually impossible for our generation and next to reverse the WMC gains over last 23 years.I talk from a position of experience and risking all by trying to make my mark in my area of expertise.The current political and economic environment makes it impossible for people of colour to play a economic meaningful role in any sector as they are systematically starved of procurement opportunities.The major WMC drivers of our economy have already devised strategies to side track the new BEE codes.I have seriously lost hope….

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