Acting chair for DA caucus

The DA has appointed Vaughn Holmes as acting caucus chairman in Buffalo City Metro council.

Holmes is standing in for proportional representative (PR) councillor Jan Smit, who is taking time off due to ill-health.

Smit had led the DA caucus in the metro since August.

Holmes confirmed he had been officially appointed as acting chairman of the caucus for the duration of Smit’s convalescence.

“Although I had by default assumed all the duties of chairman before it was made official, I was waiting for an official appointment,” he said.

Holmes, who is a PR councillor and practising attorney, is in the council for the first time this term.

Smit has suffered two heart attacks this year alone, and has been on sick leave for a month and a half.

The ailing Smit, who is now under 24-hour care at Eldorado in Southernwood, told the Dispatch that what concerned him most was the fact that he may not be able to serve the people of BCM as he had wished.

“I am being transferred to Johannesburg for further checks.

“Those tests will then confirm my heart’s functionality and whether I may be fit to return to council,” said Smit.

Councillor Isabel Thompson, who has been a close friend of Smit’s, said he looked much better.

“He is going to the doctor on Thursday. We hope that all goes well but for now he looks much better,” said Thompson.

Smit, who could barely speak, said he hoped he would fully recover and return to council to serve the people of BCM.

He had been a strong voice of opposition in three of the ANC-led councils in the metro.


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