Patriotic Alliance signs up as coalition partner in Nelson Mandela Bay

The Patriotic Alliance (PA) has signed up as a coalition partner in Nelson Mandela Bay‚ a letter penned by mayor Athol Trollip has revealed.

In the letter‚ sent to DA leader Mmusi Maimane and leader of the federal executive James Selfe on Thursday‚ Trollip said he plans to appoint PA councillor Marlon Daniels to his mayoral committee.

Athol Trollip

The revelation comes as the DA’s relationship with the UDM – particularly deputy mayor Mongameli Bobani – has become increasingly volatile‚ resulting in the coalition government losing critical debates and council resolutions.

Trollip wrote that the PA was as determined as the DA and its other coalition partners‚ COPE and the ACDP‚ to prevent the city from falling back into the hands of the ANC.

“They (PA) have also said that they cannot and will not sit and watch the other opposition mobilising and uniting around race in order to make decisions on the fate of the citizens‚ especially the poor citizens regarding service delivery and good governance issues‚” Trollip wrote.

“If we are committed to providing the citizens of this city and country a united and viable alternative to the ANC in 2019‚ we will have to take partners like the PA on board.”

He said Daniels had already signed the co-governance agreement‚ and that he had already met with national PA leader Gayton McKenzie and chairwoman Leanne Williams‚ who confirmed their participation and commitment to the agreement.

“In light of this‚ I would appreciate it if you would inform our other co-signatories to the NMBM co-governance agreement that the PA has joined our coalition and that I intend to appoint councillor Daniels to my mayoral committee‚” Trollip wrote.