R6m vehicles boost for Chris Hani water

Chris Hani district mayor Kholiswa Vimbayo recently handed over 17 vehicles worth R6-million to her municipality’s water services department.

DRIVING AMBITION: Chris Hani District Municipality executive mayor Kholiswa Vimbayo testing one of the new vehicles bought for the district municipality

Vimbayo also welcomed new staff who had joined the municipality from Water and Sanitation Services South Africa (WSSA).

Speaking during the ceremony, Vimbayo said decent water provision was a serious issue and the new staff had arrived at a crucial time where their services were much needed by the municipality.

“We provide water to six local municipalities and with these workers’ experience, we would be able to share their skills with the other municipalities,” Vimbayo said. “These workers have better experience and have been working in the Enoch Mgijima municipal area for years.” Vimbayo said when the district municipality took over water services from the local municipalities, “it came to our attention that the former Lukhanji municipality had a contract with WSSA which was doing the water services in the area”.

“Last year we decided to take the workers from WSSA to join the municipality so that we can use their skills in rendering the services,” Vimbayo said.

She said in order for the water services department to work optimally, workers needed to have the necessary equipment to do their work.

“The cars that they were using in WSSA were leased and it was going to be expensive for us to continue with the lease while the cars were not in a good state.

“We were advised to buy our own cars and not to continue with the lease,” she said.

One of new staff members, Basil Bosch, said he was keen to start transferring his 19 years of skills and experience to other employees. “Our aim is to maintain the high standard of water we supply to people.” — thembiles@dispatch.co.za


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