SACP agrees #Zuma Must go

The SA Communist Party (SACP) in OR Tambo will spend Easter taking their #ZumaMustGo message to churches across the region.

Anti-Zuma posters are expected to go up today, especially next to churches, to spread their message, OR Tambo SACP district deputy secretary Lazola Ndamase said.

President Jacob Zuma

The SACP national structure called on President Jacob Zuma to resign following the reshuffling of nearly half his cabinet, including the sacking of former Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan.

Not only will the communists in OR Tambo be taking advantage of the church gatherings this Easter weekend to spread their message, but they have vowed to target work places next week.

Their campaign for Zuma’s removal will not end there but will be expanded to community mass meetings in townships and rural areas.

Ndamase said they would be convening political lectures as a platform to spread their message, among those being a Chris Hani Memorial Lecture later this month.

Ndamase said it was about time rural people, who at times were seen to be Zuma’s constituency from which he enjoys support, needed a detailed explanation as to why he should go.

“We want to explain our view to the African people and rural masses why it is urgent that Jacob Zuma must be removed as the president,” Ndamase said. “We are doing this because the presence of Zuma as the president of the country invites more enemies than those who are fighting for the liberation of black people.

“He is making our traditional enemies emboldened so much so that they are able to mobilise. So we say he is in actual fact a threat to the struggle in South Africa with his Gupta-linked looting of the state.”

However, said Ndamase, their campaign for Zuma to go should not be interpreted as collaboration with those whose interest is to protect the economic status quo. “We will be calling for the implementation of the Freedom Charter and a radical programme of economic emancipation for the people, not the pseudo-radical programme of JZ and his cabal which is simply about lining up their pockets using state resources,” he said.

Ndamase and other SACP leaders in OR Tambo yesterday met with ANC leadership in that region to inform the governing party – which is their alliance partner – about their programme.