State whether Zuma will be prosecuted over Nkandla or we will take legal action: DA warns NPA

The Democratic Alliance has given the National Director of Public Prosecutions (NDPP) until Monday to state whether he is going to prosecute President Jacob Zuma‚ failing which it says it will take legal action to ensure that Zuma is held fully accountable for his role in the Nkandla corruption scandal.

DA leader Mmusi Maimane said on Sunday he had instructed the party’s legal team to engage the NDPP one final time to give them an opportunity to make a decision on whether to prosecute Zuma for his role in the Nkandla corruption scandal.

Leader of the Democratic Alliance (DA) Mmusi Maimane

This follows the eight charges he laid against Zuma in terms of the Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities Act‚ in 2014.

“Since laying charges against Zuma‚ I have asked a series of written Parliamentary Questions to both the Minister of Justice and Correctional Services and the Minister of Police to ascertain the status of CAS 123/03/2014. For three years‚ I have been given the run-around in my pursuit to ensure that Zuma is held accountable for using the people’s money to build himself a palace.

“The most recent response from the Minister of Police states that the investigation ‘has been concluded’. The Minister went on further by saying that ‘The case docket was handed into the office of the NDPP on 21 August 2015‚ for a decision on prosecution. The decision by the NDPP is still being awaited’‚” Maimane said.

He said it was clear that the police and NPA had been dragging their feet on this matter‚ “most likely to protect Jacob Zuma‚ and those who seek to hold him to account risk the real possibility of limiting their careers”.

It was never desirable to approach the courts in matters of this nature‚ he added‚ but when there was a failure to prosecute without fear or favour and carry out justice‚ this required that the matter be escalated to the judiciary.

“Jacob Zuma is not above the law‚ therefore if there is a case for him to answer he must be given his day in court and serve a jail sentence should he be found guilty.

“Zuma’s time in the Union Buildings has been plagued by irrational‚ illegal and unconstitutional conduct of his own making‚ which he has yet to fully answer for.

“As the DA‚ we will not stop fighting corruption‚ in both the private and public sectors‚ until it is fully eradicated‚ as all acts of corruption steal from the people‚ especially the poor‚” Maimane said.