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East London businessman Dumisani Mpafa PICTURE SUPPLIED

SGS ‘comes clean’ with US deal

EAST London entrepreneur Dumisani Mpafa has branched into the clean energy sector after striking a deal with a multibillion-dollar American company to become its first African franchisee.


Teen porn scandal rocks EL

EAST London has been rocked by a shocking sex scandal involving teenage girls and boys from some of the city’s top schools.

GOING GLOBAL: A group of young South Africans visited Brazil for World Youth Day, including several from East London

EL group joins youth pilgrimage to Brazil

THIRTEEN young men and women from East London joined three million Catholics at a World Youth Day pilgrimage in Brazil last month.


Scary parallels between EL and Detroit

THE declaration of bankruptcy by the city of Detroit, the home of Ford and General Motors, and the greatest motor city in world history, has generated much heated debate in the US, especially after the Obama administration bailed the motor giants there in 2009.

TOUGH AS THEY COME: Johan van der Merwe

Van der Merwe cruises to victory

TWO-TIME Washie winner Johan van der Merwe said this year’s victory in the gruelling marathon between Port Alfred and East London had been tougher than last year.

PASSING TIME: Bathabile Mhlahlo (right) and his friend, Sihle Mbuti, inside their waist-high makeshift tent

Daily struggle to survive for friends

THE history of brutal attacks and chilling violence in the woods around Eastern Beach in East London has been well documented over the years.

ASHES OF HOPE: Daniel Williams warms up his left-over soup as he chats to a Daily Dispatch reporter

Two blankets under a bush is a home

When he woke up one morning his friend had died of cold MORE than 200 homeless people died on the streets of the province’s two major cities between April last year and March this year.

Daily Dispatch

6 bingo halls for E Cape

R30m for facilities in EL, Mthatha, PE and J Bay THE gambling sector in Eastern Cape is set for further growth after the Eastern Cape Gambling and Betting Board (ECGBB) awarded six licences for bingo halls.

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