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Hand that feeds the mouth

WHEN I see some lazy workers here in Eastern Cape, I am always reminded of the tale of how baboons got their tails. You see, baboons were so lazy that they always leaned on their tools; until one day when their tools turned into tails!


Naming and shaming only part of graft battle

FINALLY” may well be the response of the vast majority of South Africans who have no vested interest in corruption and fraud, to government’s “name and shame” initiative to expose fraudsters.


Develop SA with gender balance

I STARTED teaching at a school where male teachers outnumbered their female counterparts by far, and that seemed to scare the principal to death.


Insight: Emotional blackmail of chequebook journalism

CHEQUEBOOK journalism, the practice of securing exclusive rights to information from a news subject by paying them handsomely for it, is increasingly widely practised in some media quarters, despite ethical concerns about it.


Initiates slaughtered on altar of politics, power

UKUGXWALA emswaneni is the haunting response by a herd of cattle after one of their own has been slaughtered.

Daily Dispatch

Insight: Perfect storm looms of Bollywood proportions

YOU might think that the Gupta scandal, which has dominated the public discourse over the last month and which was the subject of an exchange of rhetoric in parliament last week, is the single biggest issue facing South Africa.

WAY OUT: Analysts point to the flood of EC residents  who leave to work elsewhere Picture: MARK ANDREWS

Insight: With vision, patriotism we can fix labour woes

THE Eastern Cape mass exodus of human capital cannot be solely blamed on fewer job opportunities and the search for greener pastures. Lack of patriotism and vision, as well as a weak or non-existent civil society organisation, are the salient features contributing to the province’s human capital emigration. Ukufa kusembizeni! (You are your own enemies).


Insight: Once a role model to all SA’s status slides away

IN 2003 I had the privilege of observing a great story unfold on the African continent.

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