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Trust no-one and check up

Happy new year! It struck me, as I was thinking about my top tips for avoiding consumer catastrophes – the…


OPINION: Bloemhof tragedy ‘intolerable’

THE recent deaths of three children as a result of drinking water contaminated with deadly bacteria in the Bloemhof Dam…

May 07, 2014 A male suspect gets some rough treatment from locals in the East London CBD yesterday Picture: MARK ANDREWS © DAILY DISPATCH

EDITORIAL: Zero tolerance for mob justice

VIGILANTISM has an ugly history in South Africa.


OPINION: Liberal notion of Zuma the individual is limiting

THE article by Mpumelelo Mkhabela “Zuma can lift legacy by fixing state enterprises” (DD, May 30) attempts to ponder the…

OPINION: Keeton attacked rather than explained Picketty

GAVIN Keeton may be a worthy academic in the Rhodes economics department, but the article which he writes about inequality…


Patriarchy still defines the place of working women

“WOMEN’S emancipation is not an act of charity but a precondition for the liberation of society,” said late Mozambican president,…

Sandile Memela is a civil servant

Root cause of violence against women ignored

I WAS asked if I would, again, celebrate Women’s Month and, later, participate in an anti-women abuse men’s national march, where…


‘Ritual of death’ headline demeans circumcision

MY INITIAL response to “Ritual of Death” (DD, July 31) was happiness that finally someone had got to doing something…

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