Building A Smart District


In pursuit of our developmental agenda, we have adopted and are implementing a Five-Year Municipal Turnaround Strategy (MTAS) as a response to meet the desired Vision 2058 of Building a Smart District. 

This is being done through:

  • Brand Repositioning
  • Organisational Development and Design
  • Financial Sustainability and
  • Building Public Confidence.

During 2018/19 fiscal, extensive work was undertaken with our strategic partners, namely National and Provincial COGTA, Department of Water and Sanitation, Department of Performance Monitoring and Evaluation, National and Provincial Treasury, MISA and GIZ Governance Support Program on a number of milestones that will ensure that we are on an upward trajectory, in 2019/20 fiscal.

The focus areas are:

  • Reconfiguration of ADM Service Delivery Model with focus on Water and Sanitation
  • Municipal Health and Disaster Management
  • Financial Sustainability of ADM by focusing on Cost Reduction, Cost Recovery, Revenue Enhancement, Building Reserves and Business Continuity
  • Economic Growth and Development
  • Municipal Support in the context of Shared Services Model and
  • Improvement of an effective Satellite Office Model.

Together with Department of Water and Sanitation, we are exploring Sustainable Water Solutions estimated at R7 billion for the entire district excluding the Integrated Sea Water Desalination Plant estimated at R4 billion.

The total allocation for Capital Projects for the 2019-20 fiscal whose focus is solely on water and sanitation is at R592 million throughout the district. Below is a list of all projects to be carried out in the six local municipalities.