GRAPHIC GIRL-TALK: ‘Six Inches’ cast, from left, Cat played by Caitlin Clerk, Tsepho played by Bongie Lecoge-Zulu and Didi played by Dikelo Mamiala Picture: GILLIAN McAINSH


Six Inches by Kristy Suttner and Diaan Lawrenson, Vicky’s, today until July 9.

This Fringe comedy returns to the festival with three sassy actresses in the shape of Bongile Lecoge-Zulu, Dikelo Mamiala and Caitlin Clerk, playing a group of friends who are bridesmaids to an absent fourth friend.

Although a comedy, there are more serious moments and it could as easily have been billed as theatre as the three contemplate friendship and relationships in general.

As in life, the characters’ experiences of love, lust and what goes on behind the bedroom door are not always laugh-a-minute material.

However, under the nifty direction of Kristy Suttner, who also co-wrote the piece, there is plenty of humour as the women indulge in graphic girl-talk (the age rating is 18A+).

There is hostess (Lecoge-Zulu), the frustrated wife, who may have loads of money but not so much success in romance, until she turns to a “private dancer” to satisfy her desires.

Lecoge-Zulu is an expressive performer who almost steals the show with her accounts of what went wrong in her marriage and how she set about taking back her sexual power.

Her old Catholic school friend Cat (Clerk) is the wild, beautiful and sexy one of the three, juxtaposed against the third bridesmaid: seemingly prim and proper Didi (Mamiala).

The wedding is off and now all three want to know what went wrong between their friend and her fiance but as the play unfolds it is clear that each of the three know quite a bit more than they let on.

Each of the friends is a feisty female albeit in different ways and Six Inches in general celebrates women who aren’t afraid to go after what they want between the sheets. Some of their musings may be a shock to men or the more conservative in the audience but they will ring true for many young South African women. Explicit but fun.

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