SA rapper Keanan Forbs popularly known as AK
Image: File/ Akawordlwide

When a fan took to Twitter on Thursday to gush over AKA’s new album the last thing the tweep expected was to be put on blast for downloading from an illegal file sharing website.

The Super Mega’s Twitter mentions are filled on the daily with messages of love which he occasionally responds to but when he got a mention from a fan gushing over his track Daddy Issues II‚ he noticed something strange.

The track‚ which the fan had screengrabbed had a download site next to the title.

AKA took a page out of the “kill them with kindness” bible and responded with a savage clapback.

The streets were a mess over the comment and soon AKA and the moemish were the talk of the town.

Fans were split over whether AKA was being petty or leadership for his response.

While others couldn’t get over the fan’s moemish.
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