Claire Keeton Senior features writer

Claire Keeton is a senior features writer at the Sunday Times.


Covid-19 jabs safe in early pregnancy, Norwegian data shows

Covid-19 vaccinations do not increase the risk of first-trimester miscarriages in pregnant women new research shows.


SA’s ‘unpredictable’ third wave of Covid-19 shows no sign of abating

SA’s third wave of Covid-19 infections is dragging on longer than expected and behaving differently from the first and ...


Young adults give vaccine rollout a shot in the arm

The enthusiasm among younger South Africans to be vaccinated has driven the daily numbers up, with average daily ...


J&J Covid vaccine works against Delta

The J&J Covid-19 vaccine protects people against dying if they get infected with the Delta variant.


Covid-19: Vaccines open to those aged 35 and older from August

SA’s vaccination programme will open up to people from 35 to 49 years old from August 1, with registrations beginning ...


Covid-19 vaccines flowing into SA in July

More than one million doses of J&J Covid-19 vaccine landed in SA on Thursday night and another half a million doses are ...


Russian, Chinese vaccines on way but they won't be a magic bullet for SA

SA’s negotiations to secure the Sputnik V and Sinovac Covid-19 vaccines are “at an advanced stage” but, even if ...


Three times lucky: how I got a triple dose of AstraZeneca

I have come a long way from taking my first jab when scientists still hoped for a vaccine that was at least 50% more ...


Sisonke vaccine project reaches nearly 19,000 health workers in single day

Sisonke teams across the country are working flat-out to meet their target of vaccinating 500,000 healthcare workers by ...


Cape Town fire ‘largely contained’

Early Tuesday morning the blaring of fire engine sirens and sound of choppers in the sky were heard in Cape Town, as ...