Cook, a former director of the Gordon Institute of Business Science, is cofounder and chair of the African Management Institute.

Opinion / Editors Choice

Like warthogs need aardvarks, small firms need conducive conditions

Regulation geared towards big business can kill small and medium enterprises


Happiness at work

Being happy in your workplace improves productivity — all good jobs should give people a say in decisions that affect ...


Just laws serve the interests of both the big and the small

One family’s housing disaster turns out to be another’s joy


Small businesses also have a role in Earth Day

Green thinking need not just be a constraint on traditional business but a huge opportunity


Why Women’s Day is for men. No, really

It is easy for men not to notice the extra barriers facing women in business and elsewhere


Strong relationships can carry us through any downturn

Loving relationships are vital as entrepreneurs rely on people as colleagues, customers, suppliers and investors


Amid the lockdown charity really does begin at home

Paying domestic workers and gardeners who were told to stay at home is the least we can do to help them survive


Businesses will get nowhere fast without adapting to the times

Surviving the pandemic requires speed and efficiency in meeting the needs of customers


Coronavirus can spur people to make the world a better place

The pandemic gives us an opportunity to press reset in our lives and businesses and treat each other with more ...