Thompson Davy is a freelance journalist, impactAFRICA fellow, and WanaData member.

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Digital migration promises a much-needed win to lift the gloom

We should all soon be able to tune in to a digital television spectrum, assuming we have power, of course


Internal memo leak puts under-fire Facebook on blast, again

Articles show many bad choices, such as burying research showing the psychological harm of Instagram


The Popi problem persists, but can compliance shift the cultural mountain?

A survey of SA firms suggests less than half were ‘well prepared’ for Protection of Personal Information Act ...


Low-cost Wi-Fi movement starts slaying affordability dragon

Toomuchwifi rolls out fibre-backed plans in townships and underserved communities


One less brick in the wall(ed garden), Apple confirms App Store pay changes

Policies have been amended on the commission charged for app purchases but critics say this not nearly enough to make ...


Beware the tech hype trap: Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes go on trial

Former darling of the start-up universe was unable to become a disruptor like her role models at Facebook and Apple


Outrage as OnlyFans ‘betrays’ explicit-content makers to woo funders

Media report links move to Mastercard’s decision about adult content sites that use its payment system


The tech debates shaping digital child protection measures and policies

Apple’s planned software on new iPhone operating system to scan for sexual-abuse material raises privacy concern


Welcome to the splinternet(s): freedom and fragmentation online

The split between the medium-is-the-message Oldies and the everything-is-a-meme Youth shows experience is not universal


MTN, the king in emperor’s clothes and eSwatini silence

Disconnecting pro-democracy protesters from the internet should be condemned