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Mo & Phindi are relationship strategists, radio contributors and co-authors of the book: Love Isn’t For Cowards


Changing to a safer ante-nuptial contract is possible

In the excitement of planning a future together, many couples avoid talking about the legal side of their union.


Keep the mind reading out of your marriage

There are few destructive patterns of communication that are sure to chip away at your marriage as much as negative ...


When your partner just doesn’t get you

So Netflix seems to just “get” you, doesn’t it? It knows when you need a good laugh, a good cry or a feel-good ...


Understanding conflict essential to a good relationship

Nobody likes to fight, though some are drawn to engage in conflict more than others.


Developing a common purpose for your marriage

In our daily lives, working with married couples, we are confronted by a myriad of marital issues that either warm our ...


Breaking up the silence in your marriage

Constant conflict, chronic disrespect and serious betrayals get a lot of air time when we’re talking about toxic ...

Daily Life

How to cope with a husband’s sudden loss of income

The financial impact of the coronavirus is being felt globally across industries as many companies and small businesses ...


Covid-19 lockdown doesn’t have to end in divorce

The reported spike in divorce rate in China due to their national coronavirus lockdown has added to the anxiety of many ...