Peter Bruce Editor-at-large & columnist

Peter Bruce was editor-at-large at Arena Holdings (formerly Tiso Blackstar) and editor-in-chief of Business Day, Financial Mail and ABC, the broadcaster of the Business Day TV, Home Channel and Ignition channels. He was editor of Business Day from 2001 until August 2012. His previous roles include editor: Financial Mail; editor: Business Report; UK news editor: Financial Times; and Madrid correspondent, Bonn correspondent, industrial correspondent: Financial Times. He describes himself as a media junkie, a die-hard Proteas and Springbok fan and a hopeless Sharks supporter.


Brexiteers blamed immigrants and we blame imports

Ramaphosa is yet to land a single infrastructure deal and localisation of manufacturing has become a protection racket


LISTEN | Earth to ANC: avoid disappointment, lower your expectations

In ‘Podcasts from the Edge’, Peter Bruce talks to elections analyst Dawie Scholtz about the upcoming polls


Heed Moseneke’s alert about dangerous presidential powers

The long list of appointees ranges from deputy president and the cabinet to chief justice and all judges


ANC’s one-size-fits-all policies just don’t fit SA

Forcing small companies to observe costly regulations is one of the reasons we have such high unemployment


A president sapped by the ANC, with no policies or priorities

Cyril Ramaphosa has been defeated by a governing party that ensures its mediocrity reigns supreme


PODCAST | ‘Like the TV was switched off mid-show’: life under the Taliban

Acclaimed journalist Christina Lamb talks from Kabul about the eerie atmosphere that has settled over Afghanistan

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Forget about nationalism, John Steenhuisen, it’s the economy...

If a DA economic vision document finally emerges in November please let it be brief


South Africa will rust if policy scraps persist and leadership isn’t polished

Eskom is still without a chair, our police commissioner is unfit for office and Ebrahim Patel is messing with steel


A reshuffle? Not much use if ANC policies remain

The party just doesn’t understand how to grow the economy, and perhaps doesn’t even want to


PODCAST | Why is clean energy just so, well, exhausting?

The electric car you’re buying now might be obsolete sooner than you think if proponents of hydrogen fuel cell power ...