Tom Eaton Columnist

OPINION | Motley crew benefited from Cyril’s fund

On Sunday, deputy minister of state security Zizi Kodwa was named as having received R50,000 from an account linked to ...


OPINION | Party funding could blow our little minds

The South African Communist Party has added its tiny, croaking voice to those demanding more transparency around party ...


NHI taxes will wipe SA off map

The looming spectre of MediEskom, optimistically named National Health Insurance (NHI), is a relief in one respect: as ...


OPINION | The country has only two shots left at survival

When elephants fight, the saying goes, it is the grass that suffers.As a literal observation, made by some frustrated ...


Every time Zuma hits the spy button his scapegoats get closer to home

He used to say these devils were in the CIA and ‘White Monopoly Capital’, now he’s finding them inside his office


OPINION | Give Zuma a break – it’s hard to recall the lies

It can’t be easy for the former president to be grilled over matters he has no recollection of.Jacob Zuma has been ...


OPINION | Service delivery can be a poisoned chalice

It’s incredible what a near-death experience can do to a person’s civic conscience.


OPINION | Nothing untoward in dreaming for better life

The news cycle has rolled on but Cyril Ramaphosa’s smart city has stayed with me like the fragments of a fevered dream ...


OPINION | End of the road for disgraced Dlamini

In the end, Bathabile Dlamini proved that she really does care about securing a regular income for SA’s unemployed. ...


OPINION | This is how we forget what we think

This really happened. The office of a certain president sent a message to the naval commanders at a distant outpost: ...