Tom Eaton Columnist

OPINION | Milk curdles, honey turns rancid in our land

Yes, Moses invented the listicle, and yes, his beard was magnificent. But as an expedition leader he was, you have to ...


OPINION | The infamous Droscars - ‘Agrizzi’ to ‘Zondo!’

Mr President, honoured guests, dishonoured guests, ladies, gentlemen, rogues and toadies: welcome to the Very Obvious ...


OPINION | Throwing some light on load-shedding

So now we know. Stage 1 load-shedding means 1,000MW must be cut from the national grid.


Is Eskom reminding us what power means, and who has it?

When we find ourselves in uncharted territory at Stage 4, you have to ask: who benefits from this omnishambles?


OPINION | Contesting ideas can keep a party relevant

Facebook and Twitter are fantastically stupid but they are also fantastically powerful.


Juju the play-play generalissimo is just a ‘Mister’ to me

Just because the EFF has agreed to call Malema by his made-up military rank, doesn't mean everybody else has to


OPINION | Party hopper Peter Marais cocks it up for FF+

It was all going so well for the FF+. They hadn’t seen so many journalists since the 1990s – easily four or five, ...


It was going so well ... until Marais threw FF+ deep in the brown stuff

All the FF+ had to do was find a brown man called Pieter or Peter. What could go wrong?


TOM EATON: Look at the scoreboard: Guptas still in the lead

We should not let the shock of the latest scandal act to diminish the enormity of previous ones


Pain by numbers: From Sarafina to Guptas, it all adds up to a theft orgy

Over time it is easy to view them as different crimes, but we must keep the big picture in view