Tom Eaton Columnist

OPINION | The obvious is oozing from those manifestos

Election manifestos might try to dazzle voters with promises or distract them with smoke and mirrors, but usually they ...


OPINION | JZ faces conundrum: who will foot his bill?

They say there’s a sucker born every minute. Jacob Zuma is banking on that being true. Literally.


Have yourself a scary little Christmas: What our leaders want from Santa

They may have been naughty not nice, but, hey, everyone can dream, can't they?


In the era of Trump and Malema, truth and journalism drift apart

Between yelling demagogues and rage-tweeting oligarchs, it’s increasingly hard for journos to wield their vital weapon


OPINION | It can’t keep the lights on, but Eskom is great at generating confusion

While the utility can't even sugar-coat load shedding, we’re stuck with the 'brave' souls trying to fix it


OPINION | Malema dilemma: is SA really that divided?

Some newspaper headlines are the opposite of what CIC Julius Malema says on Live Videos; if I didn’t watch his live ...


Crowns and red berets: A king is bad and a kingmaker is worse

It might be useful to look at what a kingmaker is, rather than look at the circus of fictitious Canadian bank accounts


OPINION | Media guilty of making a meal of Malema

This weekend I read an opinion piece by that same person, explaining that Malema is a bully with totalitarian, ...


Orange appeal: Manyi’s new age may dawn on Trump TV

The Donald wants his own TV channel, and who better to run it than our most senior and stylish sockpuppet?