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Tom Eaton Columnist

Tom Eaton is one of SA's most prominent newspaper columnists, also known for his cricket writing. He has also written screenplays and several books, including The De Villiers Code (2005) and Is It Me or Is It Getting Hot in Here?: Great Expectations and Boiling Frogs in South Africa (2020).


TOM EATON | The right stuff? The ANC has killed SA’s appetite for democracy

Many of us have reached a point where some nasty forms of government look better than misrule by arrogant criminals


After watching this space for so long, SA will take any shiny thing

The wrangle and fawning over Ramaphosa’s optimistic words feels like some kind of Stockholm Syndrome


TOM EATON | In domestic bliss and bath-time coups it’s all good, bad and achievable

Here’s an educated guess on the contents of Sona, which will all be forgotten by Friday. I thank you


If it walks like a decuplet and quacks like a decuplet it’s not a smoking gun

It’s just another ‘thumbsuck from Iqbal Surve’s lie factory’, but fake-news-be-damned AfriForum doesn’t mind


And just like that Boris says he may smoke Bain, but not today

The UK prime minister says he will look into the firm, the SA arm of which ‘helped capture Sars’. When is another story


TOM EATON | Let’s hope those prefects are taught to mind their pees and Qs

Maritzburg schoolboys’ urine-soaked initiation ritual was nothing but the most toxic, debased form of masculinity


Ignorance was Cyril’s saving grace until it hit close to home

I hope the president savours this brief national unity before SA’s vaccination problem spoils things


TOM EATON | If Ramaphosa’s playing a long game, he’s playing it all by himself

As blank-faced over the Eskom sabotage as he was over the July riots, one’s got to wonder if he has any game at all


TOM EATON | Budget sounds good save for the underspending on realistic outlook

Are the minister and the president serious about putting us on the road to recovery?


TOM EATON | Gwede’s an outdated fossil who’s oblivious to clean energy or reality

I’m pretty sure the energy minister doesn’t speak for Africa. He shouldn’t even be speaking on behalf of SA