Tom Eaton Columnist

OPINION | We are not planning for water Armaggedon

Twenty years ago, I decided, for reasons imaginative and nerdy, to create an accurate map of what Cape Town’s coast ...


OPINION | Worth remembering we want same things

SA’s government of national unity, a rancorous marriage between ideological enemies presiding over a country with a ...


OPINION | Mbeki just doesn’t get it after all he has done

Thabo Mbeki understands your gloom. No, really, he gets it. SA, the former president told an audience and Fin24, has a ...


OPINION | Peace behold, Mabe just doesn’t seem to get it

In 2017, the board of SAA was called to brief parliament’s finance committee on the smoking crater we still laughingly ...


OPINION | Here’s the punchline: money does run out

The problem with socialism, Margaret Thatcher said, is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.


OPINION | Motley crew benefited from Cyril’s fund

On Sunday, deputy minister of state security Zizi Kodwa was named as having received R50,000 from an account linked to ...


OPINION | Party funding could blow our little minds

The South African Communist Party has added its tiny, croaking voice to those demanding more transparency around party ...


NHI taxes will wipe SA off map

The looming spectre of MediEskom, optimistically named National Health Insurance (NHI), is a relief in one respect: as ...


OPINION | The country has only two shots left at survival

When elephants fight, the saying goes, it is the grass that suffers.As a literal observation, made by some frustrated ...


Every time Zuma hits the spy button his scapegoats get closer to home

He used to say these devils were in the CIA and ‘White Monopoly Capital’, now he’s finding them inside his office