Kidd's Beach Air

Kidd's Beach Air Classified

Are you a go-getter and a good communicator? Are you already selling a product (or products) and would like to add on your product line?

We invite you to contact us. Please send your abridged CV and copy of your ID (even if is not certified). If you have no access to fax or email, take a photo of your CV and copy of your ID and send as WhatsApp message.

Note: 1. This is a commission based job,

2. Preference will be given to people with sales experience or experience in interacting with people,

3. If you have not heard from us by end of July 2018, consider yourself unsuccessful

Our contacts are: URL : E-mail: Cell: +27 (73) 159 5859 Fax:  +27 (86) 558 1409