'I created you' - AKA takes shots at Shane Eagles after apparent 'diss'

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There were so many things happening over the weekend that you may have missed AKA lose his sh*t over a response by Shane Eagle on Twitter‚ just after he had gloated about reaching gold status as an independent artist.

Whaa haa happennn was...

AKA announced on Twitter that his latest album Touch My Blood had allegedly reached gold status and he explained how now‚ as a independent artist‚ he saw the effort required to produce.

He then dished advised to other artists.

You know‚ based on a true story type of vibe...
Then‚ totally unexpectedly‚ Shane came out with one loaded tweet which was in a reply to AKA.


This is the tweet that left AKA in his feels.

It really didn't take much‚ all Shane said was: "FOH nigga you been signed‚" with a lot of laughing crying emojis on the side.

Now‚ AKA has been in high spirits and on a positive wave‚ so when Shane replied to his tweet in what appeared to be a shot aimed at the Mega there was screeching silence for a couple of minutes.

*insert nervous energy in the room before an explosion*

AKA went off!

In the tweets which he deleted a few minutes after posting‚ he replied to Shane telling him how he "created" him and how Shane must watch how he's talks/tweets to him.

"If you have a problem with me‚ please tell me. "FOH NIGGA?" ...Since when?" went the first reply.

He then went on to tweet‚ "Nigga I created you‚" with a broken heart on the side.

It seemed AKA was caught off guard by Shane's response but he explained that he caught feelings because he actually like the boy.

Now‚ before we continue...

Technically‚ Shane was not totally off because Mega has only been independent for a little over a year now. However‚ Shane was "discovered" on AKA's show Vuzu Hustle‚ so you can appreciate how AKA was feeling in the moment.

Back to AKA's stinging response...

AKA went on to explain why Shane had "hurt" him with his comment.

"The worst part is‚ I actually like you and what you're doing. Today you talk to me like this? Like I'm one of your f**king laatie friends?..." the tweet thread continued.

"I know it hurts because my album came out a week ago and has already gone gold‚ and yours has been out for nearly a year or something and is what? ... Here's some help. A reply. Something for you to hold on to. Good luck. I hope this helps your cause."

But attempting to make tweeps believe he had replied in the heat of the moment‚ AKA deleted the tweets a few minutes later and apologised to his fans.

He explained that he thought he should have handled the situation better‚ "like an adult" and said he was just hurt because he really "liked the kid."

Could this mean beef?

Shane hasn't said anything since the now non-existent thread was tweeted then deleted and TshisaLIVE tried to reach him multiple times to no avail.

However‚ as you know by now. Nothing is ever lost on these interwebs streets and Twitter kept the receipts.

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