Freshlyground’s Zolani needs R350k to launch her solo career dreams

Zolani Mahola
Zolani Mahola
Image: Getty Images

Freshlyground's lead singer Zolani has a dream that will cost a little over R350‚000 and with the aid of crowdfunding she might see it come to life.

The star launched a crowdfunding campaign recently to get herself overseas to work on her solo career. She's only managed to raise R81‚530 so far‚ so she still has a long way to go.

But the songstress has kept the faith and sharing the motivation behind the dream on Instagram recently‚ she thanked her fans for the support and asked that they continue to help her live her dream come end of October.

"As many of you know‚ I just started a crowdfunding campaign‚ to get me all the way from Cape Town to San Diego to record a killer track with Goldfish‚ one of my ultimate favourite bands. I have some really cool news‚ that is that we are one week into the campaign and already i'm a quarter of the way to my goal."

The campaign will also see the star working with local-act-turned-global Goldfish. She said it was a lifelong goal and all the other things the fund would help her do‚ such as giving talks at schools‚ would be the absolute cherry on top.


Zolani‚ the group's Dom and Dave met earlier this year at Dom's Southern Suburbs apartment in Cape Town where they fleshed out the deets on the project and planned for how Zolani could travel to San Diego‚ to record the band's next mega-hit.

This will be Zolani's first track in her solo project but now the biggest issue is dololo coins.

The project will only be considered "funded" if at least R190‚000 is pledged before October 29 2018.

To help the girl see her dream come alive‚ just follow this link‚ after you've watched her video below.