Twar alert! Uyanda Mbuli & Anele Mdoda get into spicy exchange

Anele Mdoda
Anele Mdoda
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In Mzansi it's always another day another twar and this time it involved Uyanda Mbluli and the Mdoda sisters - Anele and Thembisa over well everything!

While most people were busy celebrating HHP’s life and others were calling Rasta to order for his HHP portrait‚ Anele and Uyanda went head-to-head in a heated twar. The exchange of words seemed to be over mental health conversations‚ Gucci bags and the SABC.

Mzansi was honestly never ready for the spicy exchange that happened between the two and the worst part is‚ no one really knows why the Mdodas came gunning for Uyanda.

What happened was…

Uyanda tweeted about the work she had done as a youngin’ under the mentorship of Brian Hlongwa.

Timeslive reported that the controversial ANC Gauteng chief whip resigned on Tuesday.

This after a report by the Special Investigating Unit (SIU) implicated Brain in alleged corrupt and fraudulent dealings worth R1.2 billion in the Gauteng health department during his tenure as MEC.

Uyanda said thanks to Brian and other people‚ she had been helping people with mental health issues at age 23 when she was on the Tara Hospital Board and that she served as DDG at Gauteng Economic Development 2009/10.4.

Then Thembisa jumped into her mentions on some: This post is unnecessary...

The spice didn't go over Uyanda's head and she equally clapped back but they both decided to let each other be.

We thought it was over... but when have you ever seen a twar that ends amicably on these streets?

Suddenly Anele also shared her two cents and that's when all hell and Gucci bags broke free!

Meanwhile the whole time this is going on... this was us!