L-Tido on Cass and AKA: I don’t think they will ever get along

Rapper L-tido
Rapper L-tido
Image: via Instagram

L-Tido has given his view on the long-standing feud between Cassper Nyovest and AKA‚ saying it is unlikely that the pair will ever get along.

The Thixo hitmaker is friends with both Cass and AKA and recently tried to get the pair to smoke the peace pipe.

That attempt failed and the star told the Trending SA panel on Tuesday that he has all but given up hope on the prospect.

"They don't have to get along‚ I guess. I don't think they will ever get along. Sorry‚ guys... I just feel like we are at a stage where we've all tried to get them together. So‚ I don't think it will ever happen. So‚ it is up to them. I just don't care any more."

When asked who he would invite to his wedding‚ Tido said both.

"I would invite them both and if they show up‚ they show up."

Cassper had told L-Tido back in June that being friends with AKA is "never gonna happen."

Speaking to TshisaLIVE a few weeks later‚ AKA explained that as much as he admires Cass's business mind‚ he's not sold on his music skills.

"I don't think about Cassper. I respect him as a businessman. I respect him as an entrepreneur‚ but I don't know if I respect him as a musician."