Blue Ivy's a carbon copy of Beyoncé and the internet can't deal!

It's not uncommon for a daughter to have a striking resemblance to her mom‚ but that didn't stop Beyoncé stans from freaking out on Friday when their queen shared a snap comparing Blue Ivy to her at the same age.

Beyoncé broke royal protocol this week when she posted an Instagram snap that actually had a substantial caption. There were no long lists of hashtags or requests to follow up‚ only a few sentences about how her baby has grown.

And looking at the picture was like playing a game of snap.

The two pictures could have been of the same person‚ something that was not lost on fans who flooded social media and the comments section of the post.

"Like mommy like daughter. She’s gonna be a heartbreaker. Just a beautiful young girl‚" wrote on fan.

"I read 'my baby is growing up' in her voice and I’m not okay‚" wrote another.

The post got 20‚000 comments in just over 20 minutes and 2.3 million likes in just three hours.

Now imagine if she ever went live.