Is KFC’s Zinger Chutney Burger really that good?

With all the hype and the heat around KFC's latest offering, centred on February - the month of love - and starring the Colonel himself with his sweet new flame, Mrs Balls, we had to find out for ourselves if the new KFC Zinger Chutney Burger lived up to their individual high standards as we watch their relationship unfolding on social media.

We handed out a few burgers to select DispatchLIVE staff under the envious glares of the less fortunate who had to silently watch them eat.

Malibongwe buckled after the first bite. So determined was he to avoid the other ravenous reporters getting their teeth into his meal that he ran out the building to finish it, only to return later with a satisfied smirk and a bulge in his belly.

Fiery + Sweet are #NowTogether. KFC’s fiery Zinger fillet topped with delicious Mrs. Ball’s Original Chutney and piquanté peppers. The new KFC Zinger Chutney Burger is a match made in heaven.

"That tasted really good ... and filling! The lettuce, cheese, tomato and the sweet chilli balance each other perfectly," he said, not at all sheepishly.

Samantha, who managed to duck behind her desk and dramatically disappear said she loved how the combination’s sweet, spicy hotness popped before being smoothed over by the cooling mayo dressing.

Mishka, a seasoned spice connoisseur, enjoyed the added crunch and zing from the piquanté peppers, that paired up perfectly with the Mrs Balls Chutney to add a burst of decadent sweetness to the savoury zinger – adding depth to the flavour and accentuating the spiciness.

My stomach is a great place for Mrs Balls and the Colonel to go on honeymoon

Mbali sat silently for a few minutes after finishing her burger before smiling wryly and saying: “My stomach is a great place for Mrs Balls and the Colonel to go on honeymoon.”

The consensus was that the burger was somehow more sophisticated while at the same time daring. Fun and flirtatious, but also satisfying and fulfilling.

Make sure that when you order you buy for your partner too, because you won’t want to share!