WATCH: One week later, Coconut Kelz's Eskom jokes are STILL causing a fuss

Comedian Coconut Kelz is still receiving criticism for her eNCA interview.
Comedian Coconut Kelz is still receiving criticism for her eNCA interview.
Image: YouTube/eNCA

One week after an explosive interview on Eskom Lesego Tlhabi, popularly known as Coconut Kelz, is making lemonade from all the lemons thrown at her by tweeps who don't understand her jokes and satire.

Kelz, who has more than 10,000 twitter followers, is known among those who follow her for posting videos in which she addresses trending and current issues through satire.

Two weeks ago she did an interview with Jane Dutton on eNCA, where they discussed the state of the nation, including corruption and load-shedding.

In the interview, Kelz said she had a direct line to Eskom and load-shedding was a thing done in townships.

"So all the DA members live on this one grid line, it comes from Nkandla actually - thank you Jacob (Zuma) - so we never get load-shed. It is unfortunate because I actually like load-shedding. It is romantic and everything, you can watch movies and you can have candle light. I just don't get it. 

"We don't live in the townships, we don't need to have to have load-shedding. It is not a suburban thing."

The clips from the interview have slowly made their way onto Twitter, where they were  criticised by some, and praised by others.

Her Twitter timeline has since been flooded with messages of love and support, with some telling her that they have had to defend her from people who think she is anti-black and don't understand her humor.

Commenting this week, one Twitter user wrote, "Did you see this nonsense? Apparently it's a skit", to which Kelz responded: "It definitely is" with a laughing emoji.

Another said he too had tried to defend her from his Facebook followers, to which Kelz responded that she doesn't bother looking at the Facebook comments.

"Arg, I'm stressed that you tried, it's chaos that side. I refuse to look at the comments. It's too tiring and aggressive."