Cassper is here for Uncle Demi Demi’s motivation for matrics who failed

Cassper has praised Uncle Demi Demi for his motivational talk.
Cassper has praised Uncle Demi Demi for his motivational talk.
Image: Instagram/Cassper Nyovest

Uncle Demi Demi’s motivation for 2019 matriculants who failed has drawn praise from celebs, including Cassper Nyovest and Lulo Café.

As matrics received their marks earlier this week, Uncle Demi Demi reassured them that failure wasn't the end of the world.

In a video shared by Lulo on Twitter, Demi Demi can be seen giving the class of 2019 words of encouragement.

“This message is for all the matriculants who failed. It brings to my attention that you guys are not happy. I want to explain something with the word fail. A fail is not a disease.

“If you can look at capital F, it stands for first, and capital A, it stands for attempt. Capital I stands for in and capital L stands for learning. First attempt in learning.

“I want to explain to you the [meaning of] end, because many of you guys may think that this is the end of the road. Capital E stands for effort. Then you look at capital N, it stands for never and capital D stands for dies. Effort never dies.”

Demi said they could still give matric another go and believed they could do it.

“Failure is not a disease. A fail means there was not enough effort, so I would like you guys to stand up and know that Uncle Demi Demi is with you guys, and let's do it again this year.” 

While he was on motivation 100, Cassper gave Uncle Demi Demi a high five for helping the matrics who didn't make it to keep the spirit alive.

Cassper shared on Twitter how he loved Demi and gave him props for being positive.

I love him genuinely. Positive dude!!! Positive message. Dankie Uncle Demi Demi!!! Strong message!”