Twitter's elated over DMF's return starring Mimi‚ Bokang & Tsholo

So much drama and spice! The return of Date My Family was the perfect end to the weekend for Twitter.

The return of the hit reality show dominated the trends list as Twitter couldn't stop talking about participants‚ Mimi‚ Bokang and Tsholo.

Mimi‚ the bachelorette featured on the show to find a man‚ and was entertaining to watch as she dished her unfiltered opinions of the families. In the end it was one of Bokang's (one of the bachelor's) friends‚ Tsholo‚ who ended up hogging the spotlight for "attempting to block him" from finding love.

Twitter was convinced that Tsholo was secretly in love with Bokang and that was the reason he was "sabotaging" his date with Mimi.

Despite the drama‚ Twitter was happy to have their fave show back and the memes streamed in:


Source: TMG Digital.

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