Fans throw a #TwitterParty to celebrate 'The Queen's' Mamiki leaving

Actress Pabee Moganedi plays the role of Mamiki on 'The Queen'.
Actress Pabee Moganedi plays the role of Mamiki on 'The Queen'.
Image: Via Twitter

Your faves may be doing well in the World Cup but the real celebrations on the Twitter streets were for The Queen's Mamiki who seems to have left town after bringing more more drama than a neighbourhood theatre.

We're not sure if y'all were throwing bones or it was just that obvious‚ but the Twitter streets got it spot on when they predicted that when Mamiki's side-boo Roy lost his job‚ she would be packing up her things and heading out the door like...

Ever since Roy was fired by Jerry‚ Mamiki has been seeing flames‚ so it was no wonder that fans thought it was her who wrote a threatening letter to Jerry warning him that things were about to get real cray cray.

Mamiki was making herself more scarce as the days went on‚ but when the search for the culprit intensified‚ she was M.I.A.

Whether it really was her‚ or she just got bored of playing Roy like Monopoly‚ she was gone and the streets were grabbing drinks and balloons to celebrate.

They couldn't believe their luck and threw a whole #TwitterParty to share their excitement.

Even Twitter FBI wasn't willing to try trace her‚ but perhaps‚ like some suggested‚ baby girl had been called to Hollywood to replace Brooke on Bold and The Beautiful.

The pair are certainly in the same WhatsApp group.