Two more sleeps until Nasty C's Strings & Bling drops - fans are going gaga already!

Nasty to drop new album.
Nasty to drop new album.
Image: via Nasty C Instagram

Nasty C's fans are losing their minds as there's just two days between them and the rapper's much-anticipated sophomore album‚ Strings and Bling.

The rapper‚ whose album is already available for pre-order‚ took to social media to share a minute-long freestyle rap he created for his fans.

Read‚ a reminder that he's about to drop an album that might change the game.

So in true Nasty C style‚ he dropped a hot beat with a playful verse about how his fans must go get his album.

For a minute there‚ his fans were excited thinking that Nasty had leaked a song from his upcoming 17-track album‚ kanti that was not the case.

They still went crazy though... so much so‚ that Nasty C had to clarify that it wasn't a song but just his way of asking if they were ready for Friday.

So now‚ err'body in these streets are ready to skip right to Friday and they had just the right memes.