IN MEMES | Cheaters SA? Here... in Mzansi guys? This will NOT end well!

Cheaters to soon hit South African television screens.
Cheaters to soon hit South African television screens.
Image: Via Twitter

There is a state of lowkey panic on the social media streets after a call to entry showed up on the timeline... a call to be part of the Mzansi version of Cheaters!

If you've ever seen any version of Cheaters then you understand why there is real panic among tweeps. The show‚ which serves to expose infidelity in relationships and often sees dramatic confrontations take place on TV‚ for the whole world to see.

Then just as everybody was minding their own‚ they realised that the Mzansi version of the show is in the works. Imagine... a whole Cheaters SA.

Say it with us: Ksa'zobaLIT!

#CoupleGoals are about to seen for what most of them really are... #SquadGoals. To be honest it's a lot for Mzansi to handle and it's not even real yet.

The show is already trending and many were also already searching for the channel‚ only to find its apparently sill in the pipeline.

Tweeps went into a frenzy‚ just imagining what the show would be like. While most people were afraid that they will end up on the show‚ most were more scared of what they would do if they see their person on the show.

The memes were pure fire!