Doing stand-up routine saves devoted theatre actor's bacon

Funnyman to get EL and Komani audiences laughing on Comedy Night stage

Glen Biderman-Pam will be making his East London debut this Wednesday at the Comedy Night EC
Glen Biderman-Pam will be making his East London debut this Wednesday at the Comedy Night EC
Image: Supplied

You have seen him serving drinks and cracking jokes on SABC 3’s WTF Tumi show and this Wednesday, actor/comedian Glen Biderman-Pam will make his debut on the Comedy Night Eastern Cape stage.

Biderman-Pam will be performing at Wiseguys Bar and Grill this Wednesday and at the Queens Hotel in Komani on Thursday night.

He will be performing alongside well-known one-liner joker, Dillian Oliphant, and the host of MTV Africa’s NewsIsh, Mojak Lehoko.

Speaking to the Daily Dispatch yesterday, the television presenter said he was looking forward to making his East London debut on Wednesday.

“The WTF Tumi show used to be on Wednesdays and Thursdays and that made it hard for me to do any shows,” he said.

“Now it’s on Mondays and Tuesdays and I am able to do other shows in between.

“I am excited about coming to the Eastern Cape. I’ve been to Queenstown and it will be my first time in East London.”

WTF Tumi will see a section of A-list celebrities being interviewed and taking part in impromptu games, revealing little-known facts about themselves.

The University of Cape Town theatre and production graduate said his first love had always been theatre.

“I grew up on stage and that will always be my first love but sadly theatre doesn’t pay the bills and I had to get out and do something,” he said, explaining that this was reason he got involved in stand-up comedy.

“Unlike theatre, I don’t have to wait for casting. I am able to get out there and get a gig.

“At least once a year, I try to put together a theatre production but WTF Tumi has kept me so busy,” he said.

Biderman-Pam said he had had a lot of fun working with Tumi Morake, the show’s host.

“Tumi is lovely to work with, we play games and also drink.

“It’s been wonderful being on WTF Tumi. This week we have DJ Fresh standing in for Tumi while she goes to Montreal.

“I think the show will be epic,” he said.

Since having moved into stand-up comedy, Biderman-Pam said he realised it was important for comedians to get out there and make people laugh.

“To the upcoming comedians, I’d say to them, get on stage as much as possible. Don’t wait to get a call, create your own platforms,” he said.

“Tell jokes everywhere, if you are good enough, people will laugh and ask for more,” he said, adding that a lot of comedians in the country were getting international recognition, which opened many doors.

“SA comedy is always looking to give upcoming comedians space to practise their art.

“There are no excuses, get out there and make people laugh. Comedians need to stay hungry and continue working hard.”

Tickets for Wednesday and Thursday’s shows are R120 and are available at