Zahara misses London show after attack

EL muso claims she was stabbed trying to give ‘job seekers’ money

East London-born Afro pop singer Zahara was allegedly stabbed
East London-born Afro pop singer Zahara was allegedly stabbed
Image: via Facebook

Award-winning Afro pop singer Zahara, real name Bulelwa Mkuthukana, was apparently stabbed on Tuesday and could not fly to the UK, where she was due to sing at a Nelson Mandela birthday concert.

The East London-born star was bound for London where she was to be the headline act of the event.

She told thousands of her sad followers on Twitter and Facebook on Saturday that the show was postponed to October due to the incident. She was suppose to fly out on Wednesday.

Zahara’s phone was off yesterday and questions sent to her assistant Tyson Mqomo were not answered.

According to Zahara’s online messages, she was attacked at an unnamed spot on the side of a road when she stopped her car to hand out change to job seekers. She posted pictures of her injured arm with one stab wound and another picture with a plaster on the arm.

In the post, seen by fans, Zahara wrote: “I was due to be in the UK by Wednesday for the Mandela concert. However couldn't make it because Tuesday night, just as I drove by Spar in my area, I reached out to give ’job seekers’ some money. Instead they reached out, grabbed my arm and stabbed me, tried to open my door.”

She wrote of her disbelief at how an act of kindness was returned with cruelty. “It's very sad that one’s humility and humanitarian beliefs are welcomed in this manner. Bu phelelephi ubuntu!? [Whatever happened to the spirit of ubuntu] ie. Mandela Tour now postponed for October,” wrote Zahara.

This comes three months after the star excitedly announced on the same platforms on April 18 that she had been chosen to represent South Africa at the concert.

To mark Madiba’s 100th birthday, dozens of shows have been planned worldwide to pay tribute to the global icon.

Nelson Mandela Foundation spokesman Luzuko Koti told the Dispatch yesterday that the British concert, which Zahara was due to perform at, was not organised in conjunction with the foundation.

Koti said: “Many people around the world honour Madiba and there are a lot of concerts still to happen for him which we are part of but this one is not one of them.”

Koti expressed shock over the alleged stabbing incident involving the star.

Zahara, in her sad post, wrote: “I always believe that when you have a loaf of bread, one could always be able to share just a little with someone else. If you have R1,000 surely even a R5 would be worth something to someone.”