On demand! | Zodwa explains how she brings the FIRE to every gig 24/7

Whether you love her or hate her‚ Zodwa is still ouchea doing the most!
Whether you love her or hate her‚ Zodwa is still ouchea doing the most!
Image: Gallo Images

Almost a year after Zodwa Wabantu came in and changed the game in spite of many false prophets' predictions that she would fade away‚ the entertainer is still very much in demand and is still raking in the guap!

Zodwa stole the spotlight at the 2017 Durban July and since then her sexy dance moves‚ controversial statements and sans panty rule changed the Mzansi celeb image as we knew it.

Whether you love her or hate her‚ Zodwa is still ouchea doing the most!

Speaking to TshisaLIVE Zodwa explained that a year later‚ she has seen the industry first hand and from where she's standing now‚ the demand for her and her "big booty" wasn't dying down anytime soon.

"I know people gave my career a very short life span. I think when I started becoming famous or whatever‚ I also thought I had to milk it and get out before it spews me out. But now‚ I know that there's space for me and I am looking at building my brand and expanding my reach‚ acting will be my next big thing. People must watch the space."

Zodwa explained that while she initially didn't really have a game plan‚ she's learnt enough things about the industry to see where she can capitalise before she "runs out of flavour" if that ever happens.

As if Zodwa would ever lose her sauce!

The entertainer said there was a short time where she believed people when they said she had no place in the industry but that was short lived because‚ she's never given other people's opinion that much prominence anyway.

She's since flourished more than she could have ever imagined.

"I am still being booked‚ I am actually really booked for the rest of this year‚ but I still hustle hard to get more. I am a woman who knows how to bring a party to life and people want me at their events. You know‚ why? Because I show up and I don't take them for granted. I belong to the people and they love me. I love them too."

So how does she handle all the demand coming her way?

Well... because weekends are reserved for her "secure the bag" shandis‚ she tries to have one day during the week just to sleep. She said contrary to popular belief‚ she was also quite the busy bee on weekdays with interviews‚ appearances and making guest appearances on radio shows for example.

However‚ she has learnt to prioritise her health better‚ so she can bring the fire at every gig.

"How could I get tired? I party for a living but I know that my body deserves the rest so when I can‚ I give it as much rest as I can‚" Zodwa Wabantu said.