LISTEN | Black Coffee shares teaser of his new song & Twitter goes GAGA!

Black Coffee released a teaser of his new track.
Black Coffee released a teaser of his new track.
Image: Dave Benett/Getty Images

DJ Black Coffee's fans have BEEN waiting for new music from him. So it's not surprising that when Coffee dropped a one minute clip from his next single tweeps lost their marbles.

While we all know just how busy Black Coffee has been (like real busy‚ with everything from apps‚ to world tours‚ seminars‚ talks etc)... people back home have been waiting for something new to turn up to.

While Black Coffee's music is timeless and we're still dancing to tunes he released in 2005‚ the DJ has been promising new music‚ we're ready for more.

And it was if the house maestro heard our thoughts because on Thursday night‚ he gave us something to whet our appetitites.

Just listen...

Tweeps were not sure if they were too biased or if they were under the strong Coffee spell but they had nothing but love to give.

Here some of the reactions.