The 411 | Mzekezeke 'teams up' with DJ Sbu to open a record label

That label is called Mzekezeke Music.
That label is called Mzekezeke Music.
Image: Muntu Vilakazi

Twitter's reaction to Mzekezeke and DJ Sbu "teaming up" to open a record label is hilarious.

DJ Sbu gave TshisaLIVE the 411 on the mega deal.

"As far as music goes‚ I will be giving more details out as time goes by but I am putting together a brand new record label where I am partnering up with Mzekezeke. That label is called Mzekezeke Music. The company is registered and the first song we released under it was my song with Portia just a few days ago‚" said DJ Sbu.

Twitter was just amazed by the news that DJ Sbu‚ who has long been suspected to be the face hiding behind a mask as Mzekezeke is now going to be "working" with the Guqa Ngamadolo hitmaker as co-owners of a company.

"Isn't that just like Connie Ferguson and Karabo Moroka getting into a partnership?" tweeps asked.

However‚ like he's been denying for the last decade or so DJ Sbu maintains that he ain't Mzekezeke.

We've thought about it fam... there really is no way to prove that DJ Sbu and Mzekezeke are the same person.

Why well...

Firstly‚ anyone can be under that mask. So if for example you want both Sbu and Mzekezeke to appear on TV together or do interviews together‚ Mzekezeke of Monday and Mzekezeke of Tuesday can even be two different people and we would never know.

Side note: DJ Sbu probably has six extras for Mzekezeke like stunt double vibes.

Secondly‚ while we could always bank on how they sound some people are really good at impersonations so that's out too.

Fam‚ we can't even say we'll monitor the body and height because those orange overalls mask everything. You ca't even tell if the dude has a six pack that looks like the guy wakes up at 4 am to gym or nah.

Just gotta hand it to the creator of Mzekezeke.... He/she is a GENIUS!

Meanwhile Twitter is still here...