WATCH | These gogos trying to vosho with walking sticks will have you in tears

Tjo! You know you have a hit when even magriza are vibing to your tune and hitting a young vosho for the culture.

DJ Maphorisa's track iWalk Ye Phara has the whole country dancing their troubles away to Dezemba‚ but we had no idea that it was even touching the elderly until he posted a video of three women dancing to the anthem.

In the video a gogo is seen strutting towards a taxi while the song is being blasted out the taxi's sound system. The camera then pans to two others who are dancing.

Suddenly you hear someone encourage them to do a vosho and‚ well‚ it all goes down from 0 to 100 real quick.

Cava the magriza in green who had so much fomo she to lead the revolution.

Here are three of our favourite dance moves from the video for you to try this weekend:

The iWalk


The shuffle


The vosho (with walking sticks)