Vogue apologises for putting Kendall Jenner in an afro amidst backlash

US publication Vogue has apologised for an image they posted of Kendall Jenner sporting what many thought was an afro after they were accused of cultural appropriation.

The publication posted these two offensive snaps on their Instagram account a few days ago‚ featuring the reality star with a fluffed out hairstyle that many on social media believed was meant to resemble an afro.

The images went viral on Wednesday as social media users flooded TLs with criticism of the star and the photoshoot.

Kendall Jenner and Vogue are criminal for styling her hair into an afro‚ literally shaking with anger on the train due to this disgusting case of cultural appropriation... /s

Others said the internet was making a mountain out of a molehill and were too deep in their feels to see it was just a really old hairstyle.

The publication spoke to E! News about the motivation behind the shoot‚ explaining it was supposed to be part of a throwback-inspired theme.

"The image is meant to be an update of the romantic Edwardian/Gibson Girl hair which suits the period feel of the Brock Collection and also the big hair of the '60s and the early '70s - that puffed-out‚ teased-out look of those eras."

The magazine acknowledged that it could have been taken in the wrong way and apologised for any offence it caused.

"We apologise if it came across differently than intended and we certainly did not mean to offend anyone by it."

The controversy comes a year after Pepsi had to pull an advert they did with the star after it was accused of making fun of the Black Lives Matter social movement.

Kendall was shown in the advert stepping away from a modeling studio to join a crowd of young protesters who cheer as she hands a can of Pepsi to a police officer. The police officer then takes a sip and smiles.