Funnymen call on fans to support Comedy Night EC

Nicholas Goliath and and John Vlismas
Nicholas Goliath and and John Vlismas
Image: Supplied

South African comedy giants Nicholas Goliath and John Vlismas will be in the province this week for Comedy Night EC’s monthly dose of good laughs and amusing acts.

Hosted by Goliath, the show will also see Eastern Cape stand-up comedian Luphelo Kodwa join the line-up in two performances.

Launched in May last year, Comedy Night EC is the only comedy club promoter in the province that showcases some of the biggest names in South African stand-up comedy on a monthly basis.

According to founder Sheree O’Brien, Comedy Night EC was, however, at the risk of closing down.

“Sadly, we’re almost at the end of our rope with these shows,” said O’Brien, who hoped this month’s act would attract better support.

While both Goliath and Vlismas have performed in East London before, the pair are happy to be back in the province, and look forward to an energetic and lively performance.

“Earlier this year, I performed at Comedy Night EL and it’s one of the best gigs I’ve ever done, so I’m really looking forward to being back,” said Goliath, who represents one third of the Goliath and Goliath comedy trio, which also features his cousin Jason Goliath and Donovan Goliath, who is no relation.

The Comedy Central-featured comedian is well-known for replaying his true stories and daily observations in a comedic and satirical manner, and will also be using his MC talents to make sure the event remains lively.

“I’m hosting so I’ll just be playing off the audience energy and keeping the vibe going but I’ll definitely show off some new material as well,” said Goliath.

“I love everything about it; it’s unifying and nation-building through fun and laughter by all races, cultures and languages coming together in the same room and laughing with each other and essentially realising we’re more alike than we are different.”

Vlismas, on the other hand, is excited to perform material that has never been seen in East London.

“It’s always great to play for comedy fans who don’t always get to see the bigger shows.

“Being in a venue with people who really are happy you’re there makes great energy and I am looking forward to doing some material I’ve never done in East London.

“There will be some colourful language and controversial topics,” said Vlismas.

“I love that I get to say what most people are thinking.

“I love that I get talk about things that a lot of people are nervous to talk about. I love making people laugh at how ridiculous being human is.

“We are a very funny animal; just because we have bald skin and walk upright doesn’t mean we’re that clever.”

Goliath said Comedy Night EC was an important platform for the culture of comedy in the country and allowed local comedians to practise and grow their brand.

“It also gives national comedians an opportunity to get to their fans, and create new ones,” Goliath said.

“What Comedy Night EC does isn’t to be taken lightly because it’s very hard to pull off and sustain.

“I want to appeal to everyone to support this great event in your province because comedy needs it, and so do you.”

The show will take place at Queens Casino in Komani on Tuesday, and at Wiseguys in East London on Wednesday.

Doors open at 6pm and tickets are available at www.quicket. at R150 per person.