IN MEMES | #SlayQueenDoccie leaves Twitter shook - is that a slay queen?

Just when you thought you've seen it all Moja Love came through with a show called Slay Queen Doccies that features slay queens‚ who don't meet Twitter's standards and the reactions were just hilarious.

First of all‚ everybody knows that real slay queens have a "starter pack" that include an iPhone‚ a long weave (like inches mchana not play things)‚ some Kappa'nyana‚ some Airforce'nyana and one or two Gucci bags.

This of course in addition to the high waist shorts‚ the see-through crop tops and the very long acrylic nails.

Now that we've established that‚ that Moja Love's debut slay queen fell short? *insert nodding of head*

In addition to not meeting half the criteria‚ social media users were just not willing to accept her as a slay queen.

Nonetheless the story she told left tweeps shook. She explained that after failing to secure a job‚ she found "clients" to maintain her lifestyle.

Also... we're all not really sure how true the story is... remember those "Dubai girls"...

Anyway Twitter had the memes ready!