WATCH | This 72-year-old doing pull-ups inspires Trevor Noah (and the world)

'Compete with yourself' says Lauren.
'Compete with yourself' says Lauren.
Image: Instagram/Lauren Bruzzone

For many of us, the idea of doing a 5km race is horrifying. But if you need some inspiration, then this 72-year-old living in America should be just the thing that you need.

Lauren Bruzzone used to do ballet and low-intensity workout classes. But at 67 she wanted to try something new and decided to do Crossfit, reports Shape magazine.

Her videos on Instagram have garnered attention as she posts images of herself doing pull-ups that are difficult enough to make many wince.

Her fame jumped up several notches after Trevor Noah gave her the thumbs up on his Instagram account, which has a following of over 3.6m.

From deep squats, to power lunges and those damn pull-ups, the granny has given us even more reason to up our fitness.