Fans call for Bonang to host next year's Miss Universe

South Africans are calling for Bonang to be the host of Miss Universe.
South Africans are calling for Bonang to be the host of Miss Universe.
Image: Gallo Images/Sunday Times/Esa Alexander

SA is calling for Steve Harvey to give up hosting Miss Universe and hand it over to their fave Bonang Matheba.

The media personality and businesswoman who has in the past successfully hosted beauty pageants such as Miss SA was called forward by fans who believed that moghel deserved to take her hosting skills to the international stage.

Bonang made it on the trends list after a tweep mentioned that your girl B would look good in designer gowns, that were shared on Twitter, while hosts the next Miss Universe.

Solidifying his point, the tweep said, “Put Bonang in one of these when she hosts Miss Universe 2020 [Steve needs to give up that tender].”

Feeling the love from her fans, Queen B thanked the tweep for his suggestion that she should host Miss Universe.

Another tweep went as far as kneeling down for prayer telling Bonang that the four gowns were her “attire” for when she hosts the beauty pageant.

For clarity on why Bonang's fans were making a big deal about her hosting Miss Universe, a tweep shared gorgeous snaps that proved that they were not losing the plot and were on the right track with their suggestion.

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