Talk about starting young! Here’s how these celeb kids are securing the bag

Khumo Panda and her friends are business moguls in the making.
Khumo Panda and her friends are business moguls in the making.
Image: Instagram/Khumo Panda

While most children are playing with dolls or computer games, the offspring of several SA celebrities are building lucrative careers.

Tol Ass Mo and Mome's six-year-old daughter, Khumo, is a firm favourite on her family’s reality show and has her own haircare and beauty brand, Tiny Huggs by Khumo Panda.

Khumo told TshisaLIVE she enjoys entertaining people and believes fans love her because she’s funny. 

She said she wants to be a “power woman” and would like to teach young girls from other countries to have their own products.

Khumo also believes respecting her customers is the key to success.

“My parents have taught me to respect my customers, because if I don’t, I will lose my job.”

When asked what other kids can learn from her, Khumo said: “Darling, whatever you do, don’t be a housewife, be a power woman.”

Another child catapulted to stardom through social media is six-year-old Vivaldo "Valdo" Sithole, who released his debut single, Ntwana Ntwana ft Lin Dough, in March. Valdo has since clinched paid-for campaigns with Cotton On Kids, Milo, Milky Lane and, more recently, headlined Woolworths SA’s Christmas advert. 

His dad, musician Lindo Mcagwe, who has been in the industry for years, said launching Valdo as a brand was not intentional or planned. 

It all started after Lindo shared a video of them showing off their pantsula dance moves on Instagram. He believes people just loved the cuteness of their “daddy and son” bond. 

Valdo, who calls himself "The Little Classic Man", said he loves cameras and taking pictures with fans.

“My dad taught me discipline. And other kids must not be shy and be cool kids.”

While showbiz is no walk in the park, musician Loyiso Bala and his wife, Jennifer, believe it’s only natural to include their children in what they do.

Their six-year-old daughter, Kenzie, is fast becoming a brand influencer.

She has worked with brands such as Cotton On, Kendo and Earth Child. Jennifer explained that she runs both of Kenzie’s social media accounts and makes sure she’s not exposed to inappropriate content.

"What I find kinda cool about being famous is that people know my name and want to take my picture," Kenzie said.