Cassper Nyovest gives Bonang advice on signing artists

Cassper Nyovest advises Bonang on signing artists.
Cassper Nyovest advises Bonang on signing artists.
Image: Instagram/Cassper Nyovest

Rapper and record label owner Cassper Nyovest has cautioned TV personality Bonang Matheba on the “stresses” of signing artists.

Cassper joined the conversation on social media after Bonang revealed that in her next life she would like to work in A & R. Your girl B added that she would also like to start a record label.

Though B's tweets are nothing more than just thoughts, Cassper gave her a piece of advice, saying that she didn't want that kind of stress in her life. “Yoh! Hehe. Di artist! Yerrr.”

Being a world he knows far too well, Cassper explained to the TV personality that he had four artists at the beginning of starting his record label but was now left with one, Nadia Nakai. He, however, told B to go for it if she could handle the stress of managing artists.

“Had four, only got one now. Don't think I'll ever sign again. Artists are stress. If you can handle the stress doe, go for it!”

While some people thought Cassper was doing good by giving Bonang some tips  about the music industry and managing artists, one of Cass' former artist, Tshego.

He shared on social media that a manager needed to be ready to handle artists. “Please don’t 'sign artists' if you not ready. Let’s keep it real all the way through. The artist you sign just might have higher standards than the ones you set for yourself.”

The singer added that managers needed to have accountability for their artists and their growth in the music industry.

“Accountability, ni**as. Artists are not dogs. 'Sit, stay, roll over while I go to work I’ll see you when I come back'.  Lmao, are you f**king crazy. This is business, not a charity.”