Boity has loads of music to drop, but has some 'record label issues'

Boity is now a reality show star.
Boity is now a reality show star.
Image: Instagram/Boity/Ntsakisi Mathebula

Boity may be one of Mzansi's hottest new reality show stars, but that doesn't mean she has put her music career on hold.

The star's new show, Boity: Own Your Throne, premiered on BET on Wednesday, giving fans a candid look into her life.

Viewers were treated to her embarking on a spiritual journey and interacting with her mom in the first episode of the series.

But what does that mean for the music career of the first female SA rapper to reach platinum status?

Speaking at the screening of the first episode, Boity said she is still fully invested in her music career, but admitted to having some “record label issues”.

“People are assuming that I am just laid-back and not wanting to release new music. I have so much music. I have been ready for the past six months.”

She mentioned a project she teased several months ago and hoped would by now have been, but said it had been hit with delays.

“Things are taking long, but, you know, everything will be fine eventually and you will get all the music that is ready. It is awesome. I think you guys are going to love it.” 

Meanwhile, the streets were filled with love for the star after Boity: Own Your Throne's debut, with social media flooded with comments about the show.