WATCH | Carpo’s reaction to holding a snake will have you in stitches

Carpo faced his fears.
Carpo faced his fears.
Image: Via Carpo's Instagram

Can someone please tell President Cyril Ramaphosa to give Carpo a medal of honour or key to the country. The dude just conquered an Mzansi fear — holding a snake.

Cassper's bestie had the internet shaking with laughter this week when a video of him holding the snake was shared by Cass.

In the video, Carpo is paralysed with fear as two men put a snake around his neck. Legit! We have seen statues that move more than him. 

“Stop breathing through the wound,” one person shouts as Carpo takes a deep breath and the camera zooms in on him.

You can even see the beads of sweat on his face.

Carpo then reached for the snake, but looked like he was about to die inside.

He almost starts crying as the man prepares to remove his hand and the snake starts shifting on his body.

“Why is it shifting?” he asks, his voice heightened.

It gets worse when the snake tightens itself around his neck and Carpo's eyes look as if they are about to roll to the back of his head.

He almost faints, but manages to tap the man's arms to get his attention, then grabs his sleeve.

“It's killing me. It's killing me. I am choking,” he says, looking the man in the eye.

Carpo thought he was gone when the snake nearly closed around his neck, but the men soon pulled it off and Carpo returned to his friends, shaken and nearly in tears.

Watch the video in full:

Social media was flooded with memes and messages poking fun at Carpo's reactions in the video.

Some applauded his bravery, while others were just here for Carpo telling everyone he was dying.