Cardi B can't wait to perform in Mzansi: Teach me about your country

Cardi B is coming to SA in June 2020.
Cardi B is coming to SA in June 2020.
Image: Steve Granitz/WireImage

After much anticipation over which superstar Castle Lite would bring to unlock the cold this June, it's been confirmed that Cardi B is headed to SA. 

Cardi B told fans on social media that she can't wait to perform in the country and that she's looking forward to learning all about SA. Clearly sis doesn't wanna be unprepared when she pulls up in June!

But she used the name they gave her in Nigeria to address her SA fan base ... which was, uhm, a bit awks too!

South Africa! Chioma B is coming! Teach me more about your country in the comments,” she said.

The streets were buzzing with all sorts of information that tweeps felt Cardi needed to know.

Of course tweeps took their time to educate sis on the culture, like how almost everything can be turned into a joke in SA. They also taught Cardi different ways of greeting and explained what Sunday Twitter is, and explained that they could also organise “stocko” for the ghel!

It's only a matter of time till they gift Cardi with a SA name ... they're still waiting on mama to send the signal.

Most young people are truly excited that the Bodak Yellow hitmaker will be making her way to Mzansi. Here are some of the memes they shared.

However for some people, it seems Castle Lite missed the memo. Apparently they had set their hope on Carti ... as in Playboi Carti.

Lol! Well this is awks ...